Online MBA vs. Campus-based: Choosing an MBA Program That’s Right for You

Elena Maslennikova, University of Europe Laureate Digital

Are you thinking of doing an MBA? Are you hesitating between an Online MBA and a Campus based MBA? Elena, an Online MBA graduate from the European University Cyprus shares her point of view: 

After completing a bachelor’s degree, every graduate wonders—what’s next? Many choose to continue their studies, leading to more questions. What program should I pick? Where should I study? What method of study is best for me? What will benefit me most in the least expensive way? Choosing a program and the university shouldn’t be hard, but regardless, recent grads often have trouble with deciding what method of study to pick due to the growing popularity of online learning.

As a European University Cyprus graduate, I asked myself all of these questions, deciding to go back to school for my MBA. But now, I had to make the choice between the traditional campus-based program and an online MBA program. Many often doubt the validity of an online MBA, but it’s not that different from a campus-based program and in many ways even surpasses the traditional teaching method.

Online MBA versus Campus-based MBA

When deciding between an online and a campus-based MBA program, most students are concerned about the misperceived lower quality of teaching in a distance-learning course. Well, if you ask any professor in your university, most of them will tell you that they have taught a class or given a webinar in a virtual community. So why would you trust this same person to share their knowledge with you face to face but not digitally from the comfort of your own home?

Students also worry about submitting projects and coursework digitally. But in an increasingly connected world, nearly all of our work, and many of our social interactions, happen digitally. We can connect from anywhere, at any time. As long as your chosen school uses up-to-date technology, with just a click of a button, your professor will receive your work regardless of distance and time. In addition, many call into question the examination period; how will you take a final exam in person? To solve this problem, many schools, including European University Cyprus, send your professor or a school representative to assist students in an exam center, operated in many large cities around the world. Most students are not obliged to travel to the country of their university to sit for the exams.

One might say that all an online learning method is missing is the “real” campus experience. But, we now have virtual classes that really do give you the feeling of being in a class. You can see and listen to the professor, chatting with your classmates, raise your hand, ask questions and more. All aspects of a classroom experience are available to you inside this digital classroom.

One of the biggest advantages of distance education is the absence of physical constraints. You are not bound to the same place, same town, country or even continent as your professors and classmates. You will still get a quality education and an international network, which are so important in today’s competitive job environment. Missed a class? Trust me, we’ve all been there. No problem. Simply download the recorded lecture on your computer on your free time. Want to work and study at the same time? An online MBA will give you the flexibility you need, allowing you to work full time while applying your newly acquired knowledge right away. If you are travelling around the world, getting work experience or planning to launch a business, online education is a great solution to the problem of the scarcest resource of our modern society—time.

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