Five Career Paths Non-Existent a Decade Ago

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As the digital transformation accelerates with social media, new career paths emerge, which will be quite profitable in the future. Here, we share a few:

1. Data Scientist

The concept of big data plats a key role in the emergence of this new career path. The possibility of storing data with unlimited storage facilities gives a great advantage to those who wish to mine it. This situation created a brand new profession—data scientist. Those who have statistics, biostatistics, physics and computer sciences may work as data scientists especially in countries such as the U.S., the UK, Israel and India. According to RJMetrics’s research conducted with 236 million LinkedIn profiles, there are 11,400 people with the title data scientist worldwide, while there weren’t any five years ago. The fact that some companies offer a starting salary of $200K annually is another sign that talent will start aggregating in this field.

2. Application Designer

Now that smart phones are an important part of our daily lives, application designer métier sounds a bit outdated. But keep in mind that there weren’t 1 million apps and that this occupation was titled software developer. It is therefore possible for the application designer to create infinite combinations and produce new innovation possibilities with every new app.

3. Chief Listening Officer

Here’s another title that you would see if you were to browse LinkedIn for a while. The reason why we didn’t have it a decade ago is that social media has now completely changed the concept of public relations. The vocation of CLO is to immaculately track how people talk about a brand in social media and provide solutions (as to complaints, problems to be resolved, etc.) whenever needed. People who opt for this career path are expected to have marketing training while also be well-versed in social media dynamics.

4. Green Architects

For many cities, the new step in urban transformation will be using energy-efficient green buildings that use resources economically. The design of these buildings or spaces, however, necessitates different skills than classical architecture and urban planning education. The creators of green buildings will rise from a hybrid architectural education capitalizing from environmental sciences. As the number of green architecture offices grows in many economic centers from Dubai to Chicago, “green architects” will leave their mark on design.

5. Freelance Contractors

Yes, it was possible to do freelance work in many professions before now. But freelance as a long-term career choice grew with digitalization and social platforms. The increase in the numbers of freelance workers in U.S. indicates this too; 15.5 million freelancers registered with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics system are expected to reach 60 million in 2020 and constitute 40 percent of the workforce. Those aware of this trend started to establish platforms where employers and freelancers can meet. New York based platform Contently, where brands can find writers and journalists, is one such platform where companies assign increasingly more work to freelance contractors. In addition, Harvard University MBA students created the platform HourlyNerd where companies and talented business consultants meet.

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