The Benefits of E-Learning on Work/Life Balance

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There was a time when we spoke cheerfully of the “leisure society” to describe the bright future of humanity. Since then, we’ve been disenchanted of this notion, haven’t we? (I can see the least young among you smiling—even laughing—about this naïve idea!) To be sure, it’s now more a question of permanent traffic jams on the highway of life (both in the literal and figurative sense), a world where we are stuck with endlessly long working hours, domestic and family responsibilities, financial pressures and exhaustion, just to name a few, in such a world it is difficult to imagine the benefits of E-learning on work / life balance. 

So what happens if you add another task like E-Learning to the already shaky edifice of your daily life, like pursuing an MBA program?

First, let’s briefly remember what motivates people to pursue a graduate education. A graduate education allows you to climb the ladder at a much faster pace than beforehand and, depending on your situation, offers consistent or even exponential revenue growth. On this last point, depending on your country, employment level and prior experience, an MBA will generate an average wage increase of 35-45% upon graduation, and up to 55-65% five years later according to a study in 2014 by the Forte Foundation.

If there is anything that the rosy predictions of the future missed, it was the advent of the Internet and the impact it has had on our lives. One of the most dramatic effects of technology is, of course, the free flow of information and the invention of e-learning.

People from all backgrounds now have an option that was unavailable to those who came before them: They can earn a graduate degree without having to leave their job, their home, their city, their family or their country. This enables busy professionals to find an accredited degree from a prestigious university within their reach and budget so they can take another step towards personal success. 

There are obviously two sides to every coin. It is useful to pause for a moment and reflect on the negative side. Internet access, while taken for granted in many countries, is difficult or extremely expensive in others. It may be a bit more difficult and less motivating for some people to work alone. All courses are not necessarily available in an e-learning format. And, while this issue is certainly disappearing, it is still true that some employers do not equally value distance education.

Fortunately, the advantages vastly outweigh the disadvantages, and can contribute greatly to improving your daily life—and that of your entire family!

What do you think about distance learning? Is it beneficial to your lifestyle or do you find it more stressful than a traditional course?

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